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Graphergia: a new research project on energy harvesting

Led by Philippe Basset, professor and researcher at ESIEE Paris - Université Gustave Eiffel, and Director of the ESYCOM laboratory

Imagine clothes that can generate energy!

Graphergia explores new concepts in energetic textiles designed to power communicating sensors, while remaining environmentally friendly.

This research project is developing new ways to create flexible and resistant graphene-based devices.

Integrating graphene into electronic textiles and batteries will enable more ecological and economical energy production. These textiles will be able to recover thermal energy from the human body to power sensors for mobile use, without the need for external batteries. 

Innovative concepts

  • Advanced materials

    The project uses laser-assisted synthesis technology to create high-quality graphene-based materials.

  • Electronic textiles
    Electronic textiles will be developed, incorporating self-powered sensors and new-generation electrodes for Li-ion batteries or supercapacitors.

  • Triboelectric devices

    Triboelectric devices will be designed to convert mechanical energy into electricity, offering a sustainable and innovative
    solution for self-powering devices.

This 3-year project is supported by the European Commission. It collaborates with leading institutions in the field demonstrating international commitment and diverse expertise.


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Philippe Basset

Professor-researcher at ESIEE Paris - Université Gustave Eiffel, Director of the ESYCOM laboratory

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