Engineering apprenticeship

A three-year work-study course for engineers after two years of scientific studies

Join ESIEE Paris for strong, practical, hands-on training. Apprenticeships allow students to alternate between time spent in a company and at school. The ESIEE Paris engineering degree is accredited by the quality assurance agency CTI.


Exit level 
5 years’ higher education

3 years

Work-study programme

" Students benefit from real work experience, which makes all the difference
on their CVs when they go for their first job! "

Become an engineer through an apprenticeship

The advantages that make the difference

    • The school is ranked among the top engineering schools for its relations with companies
    • Course content is adapted to ensure that none of the elements learnt at school are missed
    • A dedicated department is available to support applicants
    • Apprenticeship-based engineering training is highly appreciated by recruiters, resulting in a 98% rate of integration into the workforce
    • Students are paid a percentage of the minimum wage in France

11 work-study programmes

  • Computer science and applications

    3D engineering and media technologies

  • Computer science, design, architecture and development

    Geomatics, software or networks

  • Data and applications

    AI for industry and services

  • Networks and security

    Architecture and internet of things

  • Electronics and computer science

    Communicating systems

  • Embedded systems

    Transport and smart objects

  • Industrial engineering

    Supply chain and digital technology

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Maintenance and reliability of industrial processes

  • Energy

    Energy transition engineering

  • Civil engineering

    Design and control in construction

The schedule of a work-study programme 

One month in a company and one month at school in the first year, followed by longer periods thereafter. In the third year, one full academic semester and the opportunity to go abroad.

Apprenticeship rhythm

Key figures

98 %
Young graduates found their first job in less than 2 months

of students signed a contract even before the end of their training

42 535 €
Average gross annual salary upon hiring

Conférence des grandes écoles
Commission des titres d'ingénieur
Label diplôme d'ingénieur

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