ESIEE Paris project day

In an annual showcase of the school’s expertise, ESIEE Paris will give the general public the opportunity to discover projects carried out by students.

Nearly 100 projects in competition each year

Save the date! The 19th edition of Projects Day will take place on Tuesday 25 June 2024.

Bold, imaginative and ingenious, future ESIEE Paris engineers reveal their talents to you

Technological projects from various sectors such as health, embedded systems, information technology, biotechnology, security and the environment will be presented on the 18th edition of Project day.

6 prizes are awarded

    • Innovation award
    • Best " Technical project award "
    • Health, environment and disability award



    • 1st and 2nd year student award (two prizes)
    • Public’s choice award

    A special mention may also be awarded

The jury

A jury made up of teachers, alumni and industry experts will decide on the best projects. Inventiveness, creativity and quality of technological achievements will be the main criteria that the projects are judged on. 


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This event is sponsored by Eric Larchevêque/ The Eric and Iveta Larchevêque Foundation. Eric Larchevêque is a 1996 ESIEE Paris graduate, cofounder of Ledger & ALGOSUP and judge on “Who wants to be my partner” on M6 TV. 

The "HoloSlides" project won the prize for innovation, a system for presenting 3D objects on a holographic reflection screen that can be integrated into a company's workflow.

Discover all the 2023 winners

Entrepreneurial Coaching & Innovation

Enhancing entrepreneurship

ESIEE Paris encourages students to go further with their project by setting up “Entrepreneurial Coaching & Innovation”. Students will receive 3 weeks of specialised coaching from key players in business creation and development. A strong emphasis is placed on business creation and students are encouraged to incorporate this into their projects. Each year, a jury of investors, researchers and industry experts judge the projects based on 4 categories: motivation, the potential of the project, presentation and the quality of the business plan. 2 prizes will be awarded ranging from 1 000 euros to 1 500 euros.

 Entrepreneurial coaching and innovation 2023 recap

Christine Cevaer

Project day and coaching events manager

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