Management, humanities and languages department

Teaching and research department

The MTEL (Management of TEchnology and Languages) department offers future engineers the tools necessary to understand the economic, social and societal reality. It is composed of faculty in management sciences, economics and languages.

    • Areas of expertise

      • Business management, human sciences, technological innovation
      • Project management
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Management fundamentals (marketing, finance, strategy, etc.)
      • Sustainable development, CSR, negotiation, geopolitics, communication, general culture, languages (English, LV2)
    • Research themes

      • Disruptive innovation and knowledge markets
      • Management of Innovative Projects
      • Entrepreneurship and innovation financing
      • Perspectives on globalisation and institutional change

    Study programmes

    The Management of Technology and Languages Department contributes to the core curriculum. Management of technology and languages are taught across all ESIEE Paris training programmes, including undergraduate, engineering, 9 full-time courses, 10 apprenticeship courses and the international programmes.


    • Industrial

      Orange, Renault, IBM, SOPRA, SAFRAN, SAP, Siemens...

    • Academic

      CNAM, UMLV, UPEC, ENPC, ENSAVT, ESTP, CCIR research chairs…


    Jean-Marc Pointet

    Head of the management and languages department by interim

    Contact by email

    Fabienne Sorel

    Department assistant

    Contact by email

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