Special study arrangements and valuing student engagement

ESIEE Paris supports and values the engagement of students in associations, citizen causes and professional activities.

Students can request special study arrangements and have their engagement recognised.

They must respond to at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be involved in student life or a student association within or outside of the institution

  • Participate in a competition or challenge in relation with a field studied at ESIEE Paris

  • Have a civic service mission, be a volunteer in the military in the operational reserve or be a volunteer firefighter

  • Be on a mission as part of civic duty: serving as a military volunteer in the operational reserve or as a volunteer firefighter.

  • Be a founder of a company, or start-up, etc. (or in the process of doing so)

What special arrangements are there and how can you access them?

Students with a particular commitment can be granted special study arrangements: occasional absences from class, joining another tutorial group. To access special study arrangements, students must apply to the school.


Rhnima Pineau
Student association coordinator


Valuing student engagement

Student participation in associations, civic activity or professional work will be valued through the acquisition of credits.


The disability centre

The disability centre is a place that welcomes, advises and supports students who require an adapted pathway.

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High-level sport

ESIEE offers high-level athletes the opportunity to combine their passion and their studies.

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