ESIEE Paris governance

General management, school board, organisational council

General management

Jean Mairesse

Managing Director of ESIEE Paris

Gaëlle Lissorgues

Deputy Managing Director of ESIEE Paris

Pascal Jacquin

General Secretary of ESIEE Paris

Vincent Pensée

Academic Director of ESIEE Paris - Head of Copernic

ESIEE Paris school board

ESIEE Paris has been governed by the School Board since 2021. This body has specific prerogatives, similar to a board of directors in the perimeter of ESIEE Paris.

The School Board is composed of 18 members and meets four times a year. It assesses and approves the school's major policies: strategy, budget, recruitment, creation or discontinuation of degrees, changes to courses and major partnerships.

Members of the ESIEE Paris school board

Daniel Nabet

Chairman of the School Board - Executive at Orange - Appointed by Paris Ile-de-France CCI

Amaury de Buchet

Vice-Chairman of the School Board Greenspace Paris Founder Appointed by Paris Ile-de-France CCI

Gérard Eudes

Vice-Chairman of the School Board President of Descartes Développement & Innovation Expert

Muriel Barnéoud

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Quality ORPEA

Thomas Blusson

ESIEE Paris Deputy Student elected representative

Mathieu Caron

Engineer at Dassault Aviation ESIEE Paris Alumni Representative

Contact by email

Luc Chevalier

Representative of the training and research components of Université Gustave Eiffel

Jean Cousty

Faculty member at ESIEE Paris elected representative of the teaching staff assigned to ESIEE Paris

Brian Duvernoy

Qualiconsult Group Expert

Olivier Francais

Dean of the ESIEE Paris faculty Ex officio member

Jacques Garau

Deputy Director General - CCI Paris Ile-de-France Appointed by Paris Ile-de-France CCI

Benoît Huver

Supply Chain Director, Orange, Appointed by Paris Ile-de-France CCI

Thomas Jeanjean

Deputy Director General, in charge of Education - CCI Paris Ile-de-France Appointed by Paris Ile-de-France CCI

Dominique Lacaze

Ile-de-France Regional Development Delegate for La Poste Group Appointed by Paris Ile-de-France CCI

Michel Laurent

President of Financière IMAC Appointed by Paris Ile-de-France CCI

Fabrice Losson

Higher Education Senior Advisor at Sopra Steria Expert

Yifan Li

Digital Quality Manager at B&B Hotels Expert

Jean Mairesse

ESIEE Paris Director General Ex officio member

Carine Pivoteau

Faculty Member at Université Gustave Eiffel Appointed by Université Gustave Eiffel

Corentin Poupry

ESIEE Paris student elected representative - Full member

Lionel Rousseau

Head of Cleanrooms at ESIEE Paris Staff elected representative at ESIEE Paris

Gilles Roussel

President of Université Gustave Eiffel Ex officio member

Latifa Oukhellou

Deputy Director of the COSYS department - Nominated by Gustave Eiffel University

Françoise Utheza

Deputy Director of Studies at ESIEE Paris elected representative of teaching staff not assigned to ESIEE Paris

Pascal Jacquin

General Secretary of ESIEE Paris - Permanent guest

Vincent Pensée

Director of the ESIEE Paris academic centre Permanent guest

The organisational council

The organisational council has a consultative role in planning and advising on the school's courses. It meets at least twice a year. It is composed of 19 members including teachers, administrative staff and representatives from external companies..


Ex officio members

Venceslas Biri

Vice-president of training and educational innovation at Gustave Eiffel University

Jean-Baptiste Caulé

Development Director ESIEE Paris

Fabien Dangel

Director of Université Gustave Eiffel CFA

Etienne Duris

Director of Studies ESIEE Paris

Vincent Pensée

Academic Director ESIEE Paris

5 members of the ESIEE Paris teaching staff

Bachir Bouarfa

Head of the Maintenance and Reliability of Industrial Processes (MFPI) programme

Thierry Grandpierre

Faculty Member at ESIEE Paris Joint Head of the Cybersecurity programme

Eric Lahille

Faculty Member in Economics at ESIEE Paris

Gaëlle Lissorgues

Faculty Member at ESIEE PARIS and Director of the MSTIC doctoral school

Abir Rezgui

Faculty Member at ESIEE Paris, Joint Head of the Embedded Systems - Transport and Smart Objects programme

3 members of the ESIEE Paris teaching staff

Evangéline Capiez-Lernout

Maître de Conférences, HDR, Université Gustave Eiffel

Laurent Cirio

Professeur, Université Gustave Eiffel, Responsable de la filière "Electronique et Informatique - Systèmes communicants"

Vincent Nozick

Maître de conférences, HDR, Université Gustave Eiffel, Responsable de la filière IMAC

2 administrative and technical staff representatives

Lionel Bougriot

Head of Computer Science, Laboratories, Telecommunications, Audiovisual and Reprographics (SILTAR) at ESIEE Paris

Peymaneh Hanrion

Head of the Schooling and Planning Department at ESIEE Paris

9 external members including 4 alumni

Chantal Buffet

CFA Network Project Manager at OPCO Atlas

Cédric Chapuis

AD / ADAS Functional Architect at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi ESIEE Paris alumnus

Alycia Choukroun

HR & Campus Development Manager at Valeo

Christophe Cornu

Alumnus (ESIPE graduate)

Fabien Locussol

Interconnect Product Manager - Senior Expert at Atos ESIPE alumnus

Ouafâa El Moumouhi

Director of Client Engineering at IBM

Micky Narinder

IT Service Management & Continuity Specialist at Dassault Systèmes ESIEE Paris alumnus

Antoine Nguyen

Engineer - Group Manager at Qualiconsult

Pierre Emmanuel Velay

Director of Operations for Digital Services for the Nord & IdF regions at Orange

The organisational council also made up of 4 elected representatives of the school's students (2-year term) - and one alumni representative, appointed jointly by the presidents of ESIPE alumni and AA-ESIEE (4-year term).


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