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Doctoral schools and research master’s

Doctoral schools

As a member school of Université Gustave Eiffel, ESIEE Paris contributes to the three doctoral schools of the department of doctoral studies of the Paris-Est Sup Community of Universities and Institutions


Mathematics and ICTS doctoral school

The multidisciplinary Mathematics and ICTS Doctoral School (MSTIC) covers the themes of mathematics and information and communication technology and science. Its specialisations include: Electronics, optoelectronics and systems - Computer science - Mathematics - Geographic information science and technology - Signals, images and automation.

Enrolments are limited to PhD students who are supervised or co-supervised by a researcher from one of these laboratories: CERMICS, COGIT, ESYCOM, GRETTIA, LACL, LAMA, LEPSIS, LIGM, LISIS, LOEMI, MATIS.


Science, engineering and environment doctoral school

The Science, Engineering and Environment Doctoral School (SIE) is multidisciplinary, combining physics, mechanics, chemistry, geoscience, environmental science and living science.

It brings together fundamental, applied, theoretical, digital and experimental research, with the main objective of responding to major societal issues such as energy (especially renewable energy), new materials, innovative structures and environmental quality.

Enrolments are limited to PhD students who are supervised or co-supervised by a researcher from one of these laboratories: BIOEMCO, CEREA, CERTES, ICMPE, IFSTTAR, LEESU, LGE, LHSV, LISA, LPMDI, MSME, NAVIER, PLMC.


Organisations, markets and institutions doctoral school

The Organisations, Markets and Institutions Doctoral School (OMI) connects research themes related to economic and management science, law, political science, sociology and philosophy. It develops synergy between these various themes around two major areas, market operations and the dynamics of stakeholders and organisations.

Enrolments are limited to PhD students who are supervised or co-supervised by a researcher from one of these laboratories: LIPHA, MIL, DEST, ERUDITE, IRG, LATTS, LISIS.


Research Master’s

ESIEE Paris is co-accredited for multiple Master’s degrees in research. These courses prepare students for careers in research and development. For those who wish to continue their studies with a PhD, positions in research and higher education will be open to them. For those who wish to enter the professional world straight away, they can do so as a research engineer.


2 master’s in research from Université Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne 
 Master 2 - Bioingénierie pour la Santé (MBIOS) - in french
 Master 2 - Signaux et Images en Médecine (SIM) - in french

1 master’s in research from Université de Paris 
 Master 2 - Ingénierie physique des énergies (IPE) - in french

1 master’s in research from Université Paris Saclay
Master 2 - Mention Systèmes Embarqués et Traitement de l’Information (SETI)


Practical information - PhD students

ACC&SS Paris-Est, EURAXESS Centre

acc&ss Paris-Est is a EURAXESS centre hosted by the Paris-Est Sup COMUE and dedicated to PhD students and researchers on international exchange. It offers support pre-departure and during the scientific stay in France: seeking housing, applying for a visa, requesting a residence permit, healthcare system, insurance, schooling for children, opening a bank account, taxes, family mobility, etc. acc&ss Paris-Est also organises French classes, events and cultural outings. (in french)

Please note: the Cité Descartes international residence is reserved for researchers and PhD students from overseas. It features furnished studios and one-bedroom apartments with internet, located 10 minutes’ walk from the RER A and 100 bus stop (connection to Créteil).

 Information and register 

The Paris-Est PhD Network Association - REDOC

REDOC Paris-Est - PhD Network of the Paris-Est Sup COMUE is a multidisciplinary PhD student association, which aims to bring people together and offer services to all PhD students and doctors of Université Paris-Est.


Other accommodation options
See the 2020-2021 Guide to PhD Studies of the Paris-Est Sup COMUE - in french

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