Student life

Student associations are a key part of ESIEE Paris culture!

Taking part in life at school is highly encouraged and valued to develop students’ openness of spirit, organisational skills, and sense of initiative, alongside their studies. Thursday afternoons are reserved for extracurricular activities.

Participating in school life

Getting involved in student associations allows students to acquire skills that will be useful for their future: coordinating a project through to the end, managing a budget, searching for partners, organising, communicating, etc.

Dedicated spaces

With its two buildings, "Perrault" and "Copernic", the school offers a wide range of living spaces for students: terraces, garden, club and association rooms, cafeteria, gallery, foyer, gymnasium, dojo and weights room for sports activities, library and more. The space dedicated to associations is over 500 m².

A wide variety

There are four associations at the school, plus around twenty clubs managed by the Student Office (BDE) in various areas: culture, sports, humanitarian, science, and more. These groups are important parts of life at school, bringing dynamism and building cohesion between students.

On the Perrault building

4 associations

  • Student Office
  • Sports Office
  • Esieespace
  • Junior esiee

Over 20 clubs

  • BDA club
  • Choir club
  • Cinema club
  • Drawing club
  • ETV audiovisuel club
  • Foyer
  • Hera club
  • Lan club
  • ESIEE without borders
  • Green club
  • International club
  • Music club
  • Nix club
  • mov'k club
  • NPC club
  • Photo club
  • Poker club
  • Polymnie club
  • Raclette club
  • Dance & rock club
  • Sakura club
  • Night club
  • Strat' club
  • La sono club
  • Supporter esiee club
  • Wave club

On the Copernic building

7 associations

  • AS de coeur
  • ERAA
  • Epifree
  • FDK
  • GIC
  • Le kartel
  • Science gateway

Didn’t find the club of your dreams? Create it! Each year, students have the opportunity to form new clubs.

Rhnima Pineau
Student association coordinator 
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