A network of over 17,000 graduates

12 000
Graduates in employment

98 %
Professional integration rate

20 840
Members of the ESIEE Paris LinkedIn network

AA-ESIEE, the alumni association

Created in 1905, the association brings together engineers from ESIEE Paris, ESIEE Amiens, École Breguet and graduates of ESIEE Management (formerly ISTM).

Network Exchanges  Reputation

AA-ESIEE, the alumni association

Coordinate the Alumni network through the directory and social networks and by organising events

Offer career support to former students

Manage a website and social media accounts for Alumni

Connect students and Alumni through participation in the school’s events

What our alumni are doing?

Meet our ESIEE graduates through the “Studizz alumni” interactive modules via the LinkedIn and Viadeo networks.


Quels postes occupent nos diplômés à l'issue de leur formation ?
Quelles entreprises recrutent nos jeunes diplômés ?
Dans quels secteurs d'activités travaillent nos diplômés ?


Association des anciens élèves ESIEE Paris
19 avenue Niel - 75017 PARIS
Email : association(@)aa-esiee(.)com


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