Company partnerships

Research in connection with companies

ESIEE Paris collaborates very regularly with companies and institutions on joint projects

As an engineering school, ESIEE Paris places particular importance on industrial partnerships and services to companies

These partnerships are represented in multiple ways in the field of research:

  • Research contracts

    With industrial partners

  • Supervision of PhD students

    Through industrial research training agreements (CIFRE)

  • Opening of the ESIEE Paris microtechnology centre (clean room)

    To industrial research teams to test innovative concepts in the field of microsystems and microtechnology

  • Investments in technology platforms of excellence

    With facilities made available for research and development.

  • Involvement in the creation and hosting of start-ups

    With support from technology transfer acceleration company Erganeo

Network for innovation and companies

In connection with companies, development of partnership research is based on umbrella and investment structures in which ESIEE Paris is involved:

Cap digital
BPI France
Région Ile-de-France

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