Research at ESIEE Paris

Research, a central role in developing and structuring the school’s courses

ESIEE Paris research is anchored at Université Gustave Eiffel and structured around three themes: Sustainable City - Health - Innovation in Society.

Research and innovation at ESIEE Paris, key figures in video format (in french)

ESIEE Paris carries out research at three CNRS laboratories, where faculty members work to develop their area of study.


EN-bloc onglet

It is based on the skills of Université Gustave Eiffel teams and reference technology platforms:

  • Micro-technology clean rooms of 650 m2 (category 100) to create and prototype micro-sensors in connection with the environment and health
  • Virtual reality for developing synthesis and image processing algorithms
  • Embedded systems for the study of real-time multi-sensor systems
  • Microwave and photonic frequencies for the design and test of RF and optical circuits
  • Database analysis supporting the Cortext digital platform

It is supported by national and international bodies that fund the research sphere:

European Research Council (ERC) Excellent Science program:

  • Neurodiam, using diamonds for the neuronal implants of the future
  • H2020 European programme: Proteus, developing a multi-sensor water analysis platform for the benefit of all
  • ERDF Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) European programme: OASIS, transforming school yards into cooling islands and redefining their uses
  • National Research Agency (ANR) programmes: the ADDS project, developing future algorithms for massive data processing, the ZERROUATE project, studying micro-sources of energy using MEMS structures, and more...

As an engineering school, ESIEE Paris has strong ties with the corporate world, with many partnerships in place to develop innovative products that respond to industrial needs:

  • I-site Future project (Initiative-Science-Innovation-Territory-Economy): E3S, creating a Smart, Energy-Efficient and Secure eco-district, in partnership with the EIFFAGE Group
  • Partnership with Akka around fuel cells, to facilitate their use in the energy mix
  • Partnership with Thales to fund a CIFRE thesis scholarship to develop intelligent adaptive networks
  • Development with technology transfer acceleration company Erganeo: projects for the maturation and creation of start-ups in connection with research projects from ESIEE Paris faculty members, etc.

3 partner laboratories

LIGM - Gaspard monge



Charline Andreu

Head of research support and contract management

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Yuliya Sakhno

Head of research project creation and development

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Céline Le Bars

Head of affairs and research management

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Sylvie Cach

Head of research project financial management

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Adhim Kouchah

Head of research project financial management

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Ambre Troles

Apprentice management assistant

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