Research at ESIEE Paris

Key figures for 2013

  • Approximately 65 faculty members take part in the research programme
  • 17 professors hold the habilitation for research and Ph.D. supervision (HDR)
  • Approximately 17 additionnal research staff under fixed-term contracts funded by research contracts
  • Approximately 70 Ph.D candidates are supervised by ESIEE Paris professors. These theses are funded either by the companies within the context of CIFRE agreements and research contracts, or by various public funding supports (Ministry of Research, DGA, CNRS, île de France Region), grants from foreign governments as well as the laboratories own resources
  • Approximately 110 people are hosted by the ESIEE Paris lecturers (emeritus professors, associate researchers, invited professors, research fellows and research interns).
  • Approximately 160 publications per year
  • M€ 2.4 annual turnover for research contracts
  • M€ 9.5 research contracts currently under way

General Presentation

A higher education establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, ESIEE Paris is a founder member of Université Paris-Est.

Innovation is at the heart of ESIEE Paris's commitment. The establishment imposes itself as a participant in technological progress via research and development programmes.
Research at ESIEE Paris is focused on Information and Communication Sciences ant Technologies (SICT) and the Management of technological innovation.

The strategic positions that have been acquired in these fields to date and the academic and economic context of Marne La Vallée promote the direction of the research applications towards sustainable development.

This contribution to sustainable development throught the use of ICST is considered for the three themes of the industrial innovation hub, Advancity: Sustainable & Smart-City, Smart-Home and Construction, Mobility and Transportation.

ESIEE Paris' research is based on the skills of the permanent academic teams, shared with the Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée University; it is also supported by, very high performance technological platforms (cleanrooms facilities and center of virtual reality, etc.). It is structured around five research areas:

  • Informatics, image, signal
  • Sensors, health, energy and environment
  • Electronics and communications
  • Embedded systems, networks and manufacturing
  • Management of innovation

Université Paris-Est Community, provides a natural framework for the development of research at ESIEE Paris, which is associated with the following joint research laboratories:

  • LIGM: Laboratory of Informatics Gaspard Monge - UMR CNRS 8049,
  • ESYCOM: Laboratory of Electronics, Communication Systems and Microsystems - EA 2552,
  • LATTS: Laboratory for Techniques, Territories and Societies - UMR 8134,

As well as the group of scientific interest (GIS):

  • IFRIS: "Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Société"

The research programmes are coordinated by a research steering committee. The main orientations are validated by the scientific council of ESIEE Paris.