Introduction to microfabrication technologies

Short course

Targeted audience
Technicians, engineers and sales representatives in contact with

2 days (14 hrs)

Noisy-le-Grand (93)

Public rate
2 125 €


  • Get a basic knowledge of the cleanroom environment and the technical facilities required for its operation
  • Identify and implement the main processes for microdevice fabrication
  • Be able to use process equipment
  • Provide a global vision of technological processes for an effective appropriation of the professional environment


General introduction to the cleanroom environment

> Specificities of cleanroom environment
> Different classes of cleanrooms
> Gowning procedure, personal protective equipment and safety
> Technical facilities required to maintain the cleanroom environment (with a visit) : air treatment, water treatment, management of liquid and gaseous effluents

Microfabrication technologies in cleanrooms

> Definitions and theory
> Practical work inside the cleanrooms, implementation of the following microfabrication
processes :
. Thin film deposition by sputtering
. Photolithography (single-side and alignment)
. Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)
. Thickness measurements by profilometry
. Dicing

Located on a dynamic campus with high-tech platforms, quick and easy access from Paris center

  • More than 30 years of experience and innovation for
    academic and industrial MEMS field

  • High ratio of practice (~70%) vs. theory

  • Up-to-date ISO 5 and ISO 7 cleanrooms on 650
    sq-meter, opened in 2017

  • Coffee-breaks and lunches in a private lounge included

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