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Graduating class patrons

The role of graduating class patrons
In addition to the traditional start-of-year and graduation ceremony responsibilities, graduating class patrons have priority over course contributions, group work and events. They also participate in degree juries. Becoming a class patron is an opportunity to strengthen ties with our students.


Teaching and research chairs

Set up a teaching or research chair
Our partners aim to develop teaching and / or research expertise on specific themes. They work with the school to foster the skills they need and contribute to teaching.


Functional and dysfunctional analysis, operational safety and risk management

The AKKA group is one of the major partners of ESIEE Paris. The teaching offered by the chair equips future engineers with skills and knowledge in functional and dysfunctional analysis and operational safety and risk management. Students on the embedded systems course discover the vital and financial issues at stake in the case of system failure. They identify and understand the possible sources of failures and are able to put in place appropriate prevention, detection and sanction measures. They understand the need for operational safety and the importance of risk management and control in the development and production processes.


The basics of safety auditing

As part of the " security audit: the basics " teaching chair, experts from Devoteam participate in a module open to all engineering students at ESIEE Paris. Students on computer science, systems engineering and health, energy and the environment courses learn about different types of audits and standards and the auditor's position. At the end of the course, the students are able to carry out an intrusion test on a network or an application, assess a " company " type perimeter and present results in an audit report.

Chaire Blaise Pascal

Nanomaterials and microtechnologies. Fundamentals and applications to the environment and health

The Blaise Pascal chair provides lessons and lectures by professor Tianhong Cui, a world-renowned professor of mechanical engineering for students at the Descartes Campus on the theme of " nanomaterials and microtechnologies - fundamentals and applications to the environment and health ". The lessons are given in english and are followed by ESIEE Paris and campus students on master’s and PhD courses.


Agile testing

The agile testing chair allows future ESIEE Paris engineers to strengthen their skills in software development by mastering the tools, methodologies, rules and principles of agile software development. In the first part, Capgemini experts lead workshops combining practice and knowledge: agility, DevOps mindset, Git, continuous deployment, agile testing. In the second part, the students organise themselves into teams to develop a software application that meets a need they have to identify in a professional scenario proposed by Capgemini, by using the principles and tools studied in the first part.


Product life management

The Product Life Management (PLM) chair by Capgemini helps develop the skills of our engineering students in the field of digital technology for industrial efficiency. Products, both physical and digital, are inherently complex. From the preliminary studies to a product’s end of life via its design, manufacturing and maintenance, product lifecycle management requires special attention. In a connected world where digital technology serves to enhance performance, it is essential to master the tools to be deployed in order to build efficient PLM solutions that meet customers’ expectations. As part of this chair, experts from Capgemini contribute to teaching on the subject of PLM and Industry 4.0, IoT, SAP, dynamic flow simulation, etc.


Systems engineering for embedded systems: application to the automotive development cycle

This new chair with Expleo focuses on systems engineering for embedded systems and is aimed at students in the final years of the embedded systems programme at ESIEE Paris (full-time). The resources used have been jointly chosen to give students a maximum of information on the concept of projects and the context in which they will be required to work in a company, including procedures, standards and professions. The contribution of experts from Expleo to educational and strategic reflections in teaching provides proximity with the reality of the field. The fruit of this synergy will include shared experiences between students, researchers, teachers and professionals.

HeadMind Partners

Cloud security

HeadMind Partners is a major player in cybersecurity consulting, digital projects and artificial intelligence. The aim of this sponsorship partnership is to support ESIEE Paris students as they develop their skills in digital security and, more specifically, cloud security. The aim of the first cycle of lessons was to enable students to set up a secure system infrastructure in the Cloud and to qualify for the first levels of Cloud certifications from AWS, Microsoft or Google. Over the past few months, students in the cybersecurity major of the engineering cycle have learned about a range of topics, including the basics of the Cloud, Cloud security, AWS Cloud security and Azure Cloud security. The aim of these lessons is to strengthen the links between the teaching teams and industry professionals, by offering students high-level technological courses that bring them closer to the realities of the field.


Artificial intelligence and perspective analytics

Teaching by the AI & perspective analytics chair by IBM invites students to experience an industrial project by using and integrating a fairly exhaustive range of AI technology that is characteristic of what awaits the future data science engineer. Through this project, engineering students practice data collection and cleaning, geocoding, the construction and evaluation of predictive traffic and travel-time models, the taking into account of uncertainty, analysing and reformulating needs with partners, developing optimisation strategies using operational research tools and, finally, the necessary adaptation to the envisaged business model. The focus is on prescriptive analytics, which is often a crucial part of the data science value chain.


Responsible strategies and innovations

The innovative partnership with Orange introduces stimulating courses and lectures to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. These courses are given by experts and cover topics ranging from design thinking to corporate strategy, with active participation from Orange. Topics include smart city, cybersecurity, 5G, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and innovation etc. The courses are varied, including lectures and practical projects, and offer a comprehensive experience. The aim of this partnership is to train students to meet the technological and entrepreneurial challenges of the future. This teaching chair has been created within the management, human sciences and languages department.

Positive thinking company

Agile methods

Positive Thinking Company (ex-ADNEOM) is a partner of ESIEE Paris as part of a chair to promote agile project management among students, allowing them to adapt more easily to the latest practices in the world of work through teaching, conferences and project supervision by experts from Positive Thinking Company. As a partner of Altassain, Positive Thinking Company provides ESIEE Paris with business tools such as Jira so that students can learn how to use them. These working methods correspond to innovative and adaptive project management and implementation practices. Together we take an experimental approach to meeting project needs in a practical, collaborative and scalable way.

Région Ile-de-France

Greening industry?” Research chair

A research chair, launched in april 2023, has been set up at ESIEE Paris - Université Gustave Eiffel with the financial support of the Ile-de-France region, in order to support research in the social sciences on the relationship between industrial development and environmental crises. The theme of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility is one of the school's research priorities.
This three-year project is led by Benjamin Raimbault, a lecturer in sociology of science and technology at ESIEE Paris - Université Gustave Eiffel. Postdoctoral fellows and interns will be recruited to carry out this work.


Attacks and countermeasures, cybersecurity and hacking

The digital transition with the cloud, IoT, mobility and big data is operating a paradigm shift in our society. In this context, the role of cybersecurity is increasingly important. As part of its " security " chair, Thales teaches cybersecurity to students on topics such as cyberattacks, security protocols, cryptography and security evaluation. The challenges linked to information system security are taught through practical exercises, such as a database attack through a website (exploitation of SQL injections) and a software attack by stack overflow. Engineering students also develop minimalist software with cryptographic functions (OpenSSL, Crypto++, etc.) and analyse the means of protection against attacks.


Electromagnetic compatibility (CEM)

This programme, developed by ESIEE Paris faculty and Valeo experts, teaches 4th-year students on the " embedded systems - transport and smart objects" apprenticeship programme to take account of electromagnetic compatibility constraints in product design in the automotive industry. Students learn the basic principles of electrical and magnetic coupling, grounding, crosstalk, equivalent models of passive components, radiation and shielding.

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