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“BloodOwl”, a project by ESIEE Paris students, is part of the Pépite startup Île-de-France programme

A start-up project from BAE Innovation, a global innovation group dedicated to helping public and private sector organisations innovate and grow.

Congratulations to the ESIEE Paris students involved in the BAE Innovation BloodOwl project: Xavier Beaunol, Henoc Nsunda Kimpady, and Emmy Cavalié, for the inclusion of their semi-autonomous drone project in the Île-de-France start-up programme. The projects acceleration programme is dedicated to student entrepreneurs, in partnership with the PÉPITE network and the Île-de-France region.

For 6 months, the students will be supported by the Schoolab innovation studio at STATION F, the world's largest start-up campus in Paris.

The BloodOwl project, a semi-autonomous drone project

This is an infrastructure for transporting goods using drones to deliver the goods from one point to another. One of the main objectives is to transport biological goods such as blood samples or blood bags.

Creating a system for transporting goods by drone can offer advantages such as rapid deliveries, reduced logistics costs and greater accessibility to hard-to-reach areas compared with traditional means of transport. However, it also involves technical, logistical, regulatory and safety challenges.


This system would reduce traffic jams, supply rural areas and help the emergency services in the event of natural disasters in inaccessible areas.

“Thank you to Pépite 3EF for supporting us in this project with their incredible expertise and precision, and thank you to our engineering school, ESIEE Paris, for giving entrepreneurial students like us the chance to have the right support, major opportunities and the facilities we need to fully combine our student and entrepreneurial careers."

Xavier Beaunol, student at ESIEE Paris, in the 2nd year of the engineering cycle, Intelligent Electronic Systems major

The project was presented at the 2023 Project Day at ESIEE Paris

Promoting entrepreneurship
ESIEE Paris, the school of innovation, promotes the entrepreneurial spirit. Every student takes courses dedicated to entrepreneurship. Every year, the school celebrates Project Day, a flagship event where students present their work to a panel of experts (open to the public). A competition is held to highlight the most promising innovations. Following this event, students can further develop their skills through a coaching programme specially designed by the school.


Luciana Castro-Goncalves

Student Entrepreneurship Manager / Pépite 3EF point of contact

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