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3 students from ESIEE Paris join the Bureau National des Elèves Ingénieurs – BNEI

(National Board of Engineering Students)

They took on their role at the BNEI during an election which took place during the 25th National Congress of Engineering Students on 25 and 26 November 2023.

Corentin Poupry, Wandrille Legras and Thomas Blusson, students at ESIEE Paris, will join the  Bureau National des Elèves Ingénieurs (BNEI) for the 2024 term.


The annual conference was held at Arts et Métiers ParisTech, a fellow engineering grande école, and took place over a weekend attended by more than 400 engineering students from all over France. During the event, participants had the opportunity to discuss relevant issues such as community involvement and integrating ecological transitions into schools. Special guest professionals and former members of the Bureau held workshops and conferences to discuss such issues. The congress also held the BNEI’s general meeting, where the members of the board were changed and directors were voted in.


Corentin Poupry, a 4th year student at ESIEE, specialising in smart electronic systems

Has been elected vice-president of BNEI

" During my term, my responsibility will be to oversee the development and direction of the organisation’s structure, made up of around fifty members, by working on both the overall goals of the BNEI and also our stance "

Wandrille Legras, a 3rd year student at ESIEE, part of the energy apprenticeship programme

Has been elected as a project manager in the representation department, specifically the ecological transition department.

" As a project manager in the ecological transition department, I bring my knowledge of the field to help create training courses for engineering students and establishments. I also take part in organising events related to ecology, where I have the opportunity to speak on stage or run workshops "

Thomas Blusson, a 4th year student, specialising in cybersecurity

Has been elected as a project manager in network development

" My aim is to make the best possible contribution to the BNEI as an elected student representative of Gustave Eiffel University and to be able to work on the challenges that other elected representatives might encounter in their schools "

The BNEI is the national organisation representing engineering students across France and plays a crucial role in unifying the voices of students, promoting their interests and sharing good practice between member schools. The arrival of Thomas, Corentin and Wandrille marks a further commitment to strengthening the link between engineering students and the BNEI over the coming year.

In conjunction with the associations representing each member school, the BNEI offers a range of training programmes on topics such as association management and prevention, as well as keeping engineering students up to date with the latest news in the engineering sector. Moreover, they seek to lobby various authorities on issues such as inclusivity, student involvement and the ecological transition of engineering courses.

After its 25 years of existence, the BNEI is now taking a new direction in its governance, adopting a sober and adaptable visual identity thanks to a new graphic charter.

Anna Biausque from Télécom Nancy, is taking over as President of BNEI for this term of office.


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