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Initiatives promoting women in engineering!

ESIEE Paris is committed to increasing the number of women in engineering professions

In 12 years, ESIEE Paris has gone from having 10 % to 22 % female students

Happy At School® Women 2023

For the first edition of the Happy At School / Women ranking, ESIEE Paris is ranked the 6th school offering the best student experience for women.


For several years now, the school has been committed to informing young women and raising their awareness of engineering careers. 

 It is an active member of the association “Elles bougent”
 It has been a partner for 12 years in the trophées des femmes de l'industrie awards for women in industry, organised by Usine Nouvelle
 It contributes to the “Réseaux et carrières au féminin” forum organised by “Elles bougent”
 It is a partner of the UPSTI FIRST event
 It organises events within the school

Our major initiatives to increase the number of women

The "Et Si Ingénieur s'Ecrivait avec un E"

This annual event, in partnership with Elles Bougent, gives secondary school students the chance to discover the inspiring careers of young female graduates who have turned to the sciences.

Every year, the round table brings together 300 young people to look at the following questions: 

  • Engineering for women, what professions are out there?
  • Why is gender diversity an advantage?
  • How do companies go about guaranteeing gender diversity? 
  • What fears do women have about becoming engineers?  


A look back at the 2023 roundtable discussion! Find out what the seven speakers had to say.

The "Et Si Ingénieur s'Écrivait avec un E" project, led by ESIEE Paris, has been nominated for the 2023 edition of "Ingénieuses"!

View the presentation of the project by Claire Spilmann, Director of Admissions, Promotion and Communication at ESIEE Paris (in french)

Welcoming female engineering students to ESIEE Paris

At the start of each new academic year, we offer a special welcome to all female students: a friendly opportunity to find out about the initiatives to promote women undertaken by the school and to meet the Hera club, the ESIEE Paris women's network club.

They are also welcomed by the Hera club, which aims to defend gender equality and raises awareness among students of various causes such as the fight against breast cancer, men's mental health, consent, gender equality, and the fight against sexist and sexual violence.

Participation in the trophées des femmes de l’industrie awards

Since the first edition in 2011, ESIEE Paris has been a partner of the trophées des femmes de l'industrie awards for women in industry, organised by Usine Nouvelle. The aim of the ceremony is to honour the exemplary careers of women in all sectors of industry. 

 Le prix “début prometteurs”
Every year, ESIEE Paris gives out the “promising beginnings” award to highlight a woman's remarkable career path during her first four years of professional experience.

ESIEE Paris graduates, winners of Women in Industry awards
Isabelle Truong

Isabelle Truong, an ESIEE Paris graduate, received the award for “promising beginnings” in 2021.

Sabrina Andiappane

Sabrina Andiappane, an ESIEE Paris graduate, received the award for “promising beginnings” in 2017.

Colette Marchadier

Colette Marchadier, an ESIEE Paris graduate, received the award for “Woman of Sustainable Development” in 2019.

Discover our web series

[Episode 1]

Isabelle Truong, ESIEE Paris graduate (class of 2017)

Industrial project manager at General Electric
Winner of the 2021 Women in Industry awards

Video in french

[Episode 2]

Bernadette Andrietti, ESIEE Paris graduate (class of 1984)

President BA Consulting, former VP Intel Europe and President Intel France

Video in french

[Episode 3]

Man Yee LIU, ESIEE Paris graduate (class of 2011)

Assistant Manager for agile development at EDF

Video in french

[Episode 4]

Cindy Mata, ESIEE Paris graduate (class of 2019)

Cybersecurity Solution Integration Engineer at Thales

Video in french


Christine Cévaër

Coordinator of initiatives promoting women

Tel : +33 (0)1 45 92 65 92
Contact by email

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