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ESIEE Paris among the top engineering schools

ESIEE Paris features in the rankings of the various engineering schools in France and abroad and is constantly improving. Each ranking has its own criteria but generally assesses: academic excellence, research, international outreach, relations with companies, professional integration, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ranked A+ in the ranking by l’Etudiant 


L'Étudiant 2023
●    3rd-ranked post-baccalaureate school
●    2nd-ranked post-baccalaureate school in Île-de-France
●    29th overall out of 169 schools ranked
●    An A+ school

The 2023 ranking by L'Etudiant ranks 169 engineering schools (including 88 post-bac schools) that award an engineering degree accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs (CTI).

 See the 2023 ranking by L'Etudiant (in french)

Eduniversal 2023
6th-ranked post-bac general engineering school 1st-ranked post-bac school in Ile-de-France

 See the Eduniversal 2023 ranking (in french)

Happy At School® 2022
13th best engineering school out of 200
This new ranking is based exclusively on the opinions of students from more than 100 engineering schools.

 See the Happy At School® 2022 ranking (in french)

Happy At School® Women 2023
For the first edition of the Happy AtSchool / Women ranking, ESIEE Paris is ranked 6th among schools offering the best student experience for women.

L'Usine Nouvelle 2023
24th-ranked engineering school out of 131 schools

 See the Usine Nouvelle 2023 ranking (in french)

Le Figaro 2023
9rd-randked post-baccalaureate school

 See the Figaro 2023 ranking (in french)

International ranking

CWUR Ranking 2023
Université Gustave Eiffel, of which ESIEE Paris is a founding member, has risen to 597th place in this international ranking, after having occupied 660nd place in 2022.

 See the ranking

2022 Shanghai ranking by subject 
Université Gustave Eiffel, of which ESIEE Paris is a founding member, features in 11 subjects. It is in the world's top 100 in three subjects.

 See the 2022 Shanghai ranking by subject

U-Multirank 2022 ranking
ESIEE Paris is one of the 123 French institutions included in this ranking: 19th engineering school.
ESIEE Paris is in the world's Top 25 for collaboration.

 See the U-Multirank 2022 ranking


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