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The engineering programme offered by ESIEE Paris can be joined either in the first year (three years’ study) or in the second year (two years’ study). You will be awarded a Master's degree in engineering (5 years’ higher education).

If you join the second year of the engineering programme at ESIEE Paris, you can choose one of our courses:

What are the prerequisites?

Non-European students:  > 4-year Bachelor's degree
European students (EU): Bachelor’s degree (3 years), first year of a Master’s degree, or equivalent
A good level of English and French is required.

Admissions calendar

Enrolment from 18 January to 31 March 2023
Academic year begins in September 2023

Tuition fees

Estimated cost of the programme: €8,300 per year

How does it work?

Register on Etude en France and on our Webaurion platform
French test, English test, application file, interview

  • Etudes en France

  • Webaurion platform

  • For exchange students
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