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You are a foreign student ? 

You would like to come and study at ESIEE Paris for one or two semesters as part of an international student exchange programme (ERASMUS, Brafitec, or other bilateral agreement) and your current university has signed an interuniversity exchange agreement with ESIEE Paris (102 partners).

Welcome and join us !

Join the other 200+ international students studying courses here. You will especially enjoy our variety of courses taught in English. 4-year Bachelor students and Master students are welcome to study for 1 one semester to a full year.

" ESIEE Paris wants everyone to be warmly welcome. Find out about services to prepare your arrival, your stay and life-after. "

Support will be provided on defining your learning agreement, on booking an accommodation and other useful tips. Read more

Prior to your registration, a nomination by your home university as an ESIEE exchange partner is required by email at

You want to go further and get a master degree from ESIEE Paris?

This is also possible through an extension of your stay at preferred rates, or for free if your university has signed a double-degree agreement with us.
In order to register, don't hesitate to contact us at


Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity (program 100% taught in english) Computer science - Cybersecurity - Datascience and artificial intelligence - Smart Electronic systems - Embedded systems - Industrial engineering - Biotechnologies and e-healthRenewable energies - M.Sc. Connected Objects, Devices and Systems (program taught in english)


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    Application procedure

    Nominations deadlines (communication of students list by the partner university):

    • 30th April: for the 1st semester or a full academic year
    • 15th October: for the 2nd semester

    Application deadlines:

    • 31st May: for the 1st semester or a full academic year
    • 15th November: for the 2nd semester

    Nomination procedure

    Please contact us at:

      Academic Calendar 2023-2024

      First Semester: 

      • First day of the academic period: September 1st (4th-year and 5th-year level)
      • Last day of the academic period: January 20th (4th-year and 5th-year level)

      Second Semester: 

      • First day of the academic period: January 22nd
      • Last day of the academic period: June 30th

      These dates include orientation days and exams
      Project and Master thesis: Depending on partner's agreement