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Innovation is at the heart of ESIEE Paris’ teaching. Thanks to our research and development programmes, we have become a key player in technological progress. The university has various technology platforms (link) such as clean rooms and a virtual reality room. ESIEE Paris regularly collaborates with companies and institutions on joint projects.

Some examples of our research projects

CIFRE dissertation with the company METRON, supervised by Laurent George, Head of the IT department at ESIEE Paris:

In the context of the Factory of the Future (or Industry 4.0), several objects may need to communicate directly with each other or send information to external infrastructure. Since the Factory of the Future is connected, it can also receive information or orders that will allow it to adapt to its context. It is critical to guarantee security and the level of service. This project aims to create methods all the way to proof of concept to guarantee service and the security of data and communication between objects.

Research collaboration with the company AXON, coordinated by Geneviève Baudoin, Head of the Systems Engineering department at ESIEE Paris: 

Developing tools using electronics and communication systems to detect occlusions in a portable infusion pump (Mélodie) for ambulatory administration of treatment protocols (antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy).

Internal maturation project to expand on an innovation patented by Xiaofeng Guo, Head of the Energy programme at ESIEE Paris:

The project aims to prove that it is possible to design heat exchangers using flexible materials (polymers) with excellent heat performances (Flexer system) to position ourselves in competition with heat exchangers that use metallic materials. In this project, the Flexer system is designed to be integrated into an external fluid flow (free or pumped), such as wastewater sewers to recover the heat from this wastewater through HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid).

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