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Improving educational access

ESIEE Paris has a scholarship programme to ensure qualified students can access engineering studies in the best possible conditions.

The development of apprenticeships is a major priority for ESIEE Paris.

Our partnerships with companies help young people access higher education. Since 2015, we have been helping candidates find contracts (coaching on CVs, cover letters, interviewing).

The Career Centre organises events throughout the year with the participation of experts. 

A fully accessible school: beyond disability

All students, including those with disabilities, must be able to pursue their studies without facing any difficulties in access. ESIEE Paris does everything possible to ensure everyone can access our courses. 

ESIEE Paris Relais handicap (disability services)

Increasing the number of women in engineering studies

For the past 9 years, ESIEE Paris has been working with the organisation “Elles bougent” to provide girls with information about scientific professions. Each year, we organise the event “Et Si Ingénieur s’Ecrivait avec E” (a women in engineering event) for high school students. For the past five years, we have also sponsored the “Débuts prometteurs” (a promising start) prize during Usine Nouvelle’s Women in Industry Trophy ceremony.

Skills-based volunteering

A company transfers its expertise in a specific context for one of the school’s projects by allowing their employees to volunteer their skills during work hours.

Pedagogical investments

With your support, we can provide our students — your future employees — with the innovative equipment they need to learn, in accordance with your needs.

A technological revolution is under way! Our goal is to develop technological infrastructure for educational purposes thanks to corporate support. Learning on innovative equipment ensures that our students — your future employees — become familiar with the tools you need.

Invest in pedagogical equipment

Research projects

Innovation is at the heart of ESIEE Paris’ teaching. Thanks to our research and development programmes, we have become a key player in technological progress. The university has various technology platforms such as clean rooms and a virtual reality room. ESIEE Paris regularly collaborates with companies and institutions on joint projects.

Support research projects at ESIEE Paris 



Donations / Sponsorship: tax benefits

  • Donations can the take form of a cash payment, in-kind donation, or skills-based volunteering
  • In France, your donation is eligible for a tax cut of 66%, for up to 20% of taxable income
  • If you are subject to France’s solidarity tax on wealth (ISF), your donation is eligible for a tax cut of 75%, for up to €50,000 per year
  • If the beneficiary is eligible for deductible sponsorship, the donors (companies and individuals) are eligible for a tax benefit
  • Companies subject to income tax or corporation tax are eligible for a tax deduction equal to 60% of the amount of the donation for up to 5‰ (5 per mille) of the annual turnover

What does the law say about donations and sponsorship?

Alumni or friends, support your school through the ESIEE + endowment fund.

Several examples of costs after tax deduction:

DonIRPP (-66%)ISF (-75%)Impôts sur les sociétés (-60%)
1 000 €340 €250 €400 €
15 000 €5 100 €3 750 €6 000 €
30 000 €10 200 €7 500 €12 000 €
60 000 €20 400 €15 000 €24 000 €


Link : (in French)

ESIEE+ endowment fund

The ESIEE+ endowment fund supports international mobility, innovation, and the creation of teaching chairs.

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