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ESIEE Paris aims to train future generalist engineers who can anticipate and adapt to rapid technological changes in their field to meet market needs.

Internships are an opportunity for our students to delve deeper into topics or themes they touch on in class and improve their interpersonal skills. For the host company, the internship allows you to identify the skills your business needs and try out the engineering student in your technological environment.

It is obviously the ideal moment for companies to entrust our students with ambitious projects.

What student profile do you need?


[Systems Engineering]

[Health and Environment]

Students take on company internships starting in their first year of school. The duration of the internship varies according to the student’s year.

Engineering internship period

5eLong internship
6 months
4e Short internship or project
minimum 3 months
3e Short internship or project
minimum 3 months
2e Technician internship
minimum 2 months
1e Operator internship
1 month

International engineering students also do in-company internships.

We help students find an internship and help companies recruit interns.

Our Career Centre helps all the school’s students find an internship or apprenticeship.

We hold “cover letter” and “CV” workshops in groups or individually with members of the Careers team or experts. The goal is to help students successfully apply to listings on the school’s Job Board (JobTeaser).

In order to meet the recruitment needs of our partner companies and optimise student searches, we regularly organise special recruiting events: speed recruiting sessions, forums, etc.

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