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Role and missions of the research directorate

ESIEE Paris pursues a research and innovation strategy which finds its implementation within the research department, which guarantees the orientation and monitoring of research themes. The research department provides support for setting up research projects and monitoring their execution on administrative, financial and legal aspects. It manages complex projects such as PIA or European (H2020). It responds to surveys and monitoring indicators around publications, research projects, patents, thesis defences.

It steers actions to promote research in cooperation with SATT Erganeo. Around the research director, a team of 4 people is structured to respond to these research support missions with the Teacher-Researchers of ESIEE Paris.

Your contacts within the research department

Olivier Français HDR, Professor at ESIEE Paris
Director of Research at ESIEE Paris

Work: Management of Research, Animation of activity and monitoring, Relations with academic and industrial partners

Yuliya Sakhno, Ph.D
Responsible for setting up and promoting research projects

Work: Help in setting up projects, industrial agreements and partnerships, Help in valuing and monitoring indicators

Celine Le Bars
Business and Research Management Officer

Work: Monitoring of the Research budget, Monitoring of the budgetary and financial execution of Research projects, Implementation of the budget closure

Gunavadh LIM
Budget monitoring of research projects

Work: Budget monitoring and implementation of research project reporting

Apprentice Management Assistant

Work: administrative support on monitoring the budget execution of research projects


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