ESIEE Paris has various leading-edge IT resources available for both educational and research activities (including on-site and distance training, student/internship projects and research and development contacts).

ESIEE's IT resources total more than 700 Windows XP and Linux Debian workstations, including several housed in one of the five "self service" rooms, which are freely-accessible to students, whilst others are available in the various technical platforms set up in the laboratories.

These workstations offer access to an extensive library of teaching and research software, which includes an array of applications used in business and industry. These applications are highly suited to IT developers or users, providing state-of-the-art technology for data transmission and processing.

Dependant upon the requirements of the different academic departments, students have access to the following tools and software:

  • Office software, Internet browsers, Project management,
  • Business-specific software: Matlab, Matematica, Cadence, Scilab, CATIA Room, etc.
  • Programming language software: Visual Basic, C++, Java, etc.
  • Networked laboratories

All the workstations (laboratories, multimedia centres and standalones) are networked and have Internet access.

ESIEE Paris' multi-purpose IT resources are installed, assigned and managed by the General Computing Service (Service des Moyens Informatiques Généraux- SMIG).

Some key figures:

  • 750 workstations
  • Approximately 30 servers (mail, Internet, Intranet, DBMS, Filers, LDAP/Samba, licence servers, etc.)
  • Local network connecting more than 1,000 ports
  • 10MBs Internet access (Renater) via the Remus 1GB access

Specific resources, used in specialized teaching and research fields are made available to students, research doctorate students, professors and researchers.

Every ESIEE Paris student has in-house Wi-Fi access, free Internet access and a personal mailbox.