Laboratoire Réseaux

The school has various laboratories that can be used for teaching and research activities (on-site and distance learning, student projects and research and development contracts).

This represents more than 700 workstations under Windows and Linux Debian, accessible in "self-service" as soon as they are not used for teaching.

These workstations provide access to a vast library of educational and scientific applications, many of which are used in professional environments. All have been chosen to meet the needs of companies that create or use information processing and transmission technologies.

Thus, according to the needs of the teaching departments, students have the following tools at their disposal:

  • Office automation tools, Internet browser, project management
  • Business software: MATLAB, LabVIEW, Cadence, Catia...
  • Programming language software: Visual Basic, C++, Java, Python, etc.

All workstations are connected to the Internet.

Some figures

  • 700 stations, 200 installed software, 3000 accounts in the directory
  • 44 laboratories including: 14 equipped with electronics instrumentation, 1 with virtual reality, 1 "smart factory" type, 3 dedicated to network teaching, 3 dedicated to cybersecurity teaching,
  • 30 servers (email, web, intranet, DBMS, Fillers, LDAP/Samba, licence servers, etc.)
  • Local network with more than 1000 connected ports
  • Internet access (Renater) at 100Mbs via Remus' 1Gbs access

More specific resources, used for teaching and research in specialised fields, are also made available to students, doctoral students and teachers/researchers.

Each ESIEE Paris student has access to the institution's Wi-Fi network, Internet access, a personalised e-mail, access to the ESIEE Paris Wi-Fi. Search for the ESIEE network identifier (SSID). Open a browser and enter your login/password to connect.