Handicap Relay

TIFO mars 2014, ESIEE Paris mobilisé pour le handicap

ESIEE Paris wants to allow all students to continue their studies in higher education whatever their situation.

The objectives of ESIEE Paris Handicap Relay:

  • To welcome and support students with disabilities or with a health problem, whether temporary or permanent
  • To organize the reception of students in connection with the various services of the school (education, company relations, faculty ...) or external (MDPH, CROUS, ...)
  • To help students build their training plan in line with their professional plan and organize the necessary arrangements

Each student receives personalized support on the organization of their studies or exams. The handicap relay coordinates the implementation of these arrangements so that they are adapted to the needs of the student.

Handicap relay: Medico-social service

Disability advisor: Murielle ROUGIER: murielle.rougier@esiee.fr - 01 45 92 65 22


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