Bibliotheque 4.0 : TI-Innovation Gateway

TI Innovation gateway 4.0

Since 2018, Texas Instruments and ESIEE Paris have offered a new space to ESIEE Paris students: the TI-Innovation Gateway, the first 4.0 library in Europe.

The objective is to help future ESIEE Paris engineers to imagine and evaluate the electronic systems they wish to use to implement new innovative applications. A unique opportunity to carry out their educational or personal projects.

“A place where students can live their passions and see their ambitions flourish” - Jean Mairesse, Managing Director of ESIEE Paris.

The passage of students in this new space facilitates exchanges between students, group work and thus strengthens the pedagogy by project set up at ESIEE Paris.

Thanks to the TI-Innovation Gateway, the 2,000 engineering students will be able to:

  • Discover examples of electronic systems
  • Evaluate Texas Instruments technologies on-site
  • Borrow the necessary equipment to carry out their projects

“This unique and innovative project lays the foundations for a new pedagogy” - Peter Balyta, President, Education Technology, Texas Instruments.

Even more innovations in the pipeline for ESIEE Paris engineering students!