Research Masters

ESIEE Paris is co-accredited in several Research Masters. These masters prepare students for careers in Research and Development. For those who wish to continue their studies in thesis, careers in research and higher education will be open to them. For those who wish to opt for a direct integration into working life, can do so as a research engineer.

Etudiants ESIEE Paris

3 Research Masters from Gustave Eiffel University:

2 Masters from the University of Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne:

1 research master's degree from the University of Paris:

1 research master's degree from the University of Paris Saclay:

Practical information - Reception of doctoral students

ACC&SS Paris-Est, EURAXESS service center

acc & ss Paris-Est is a EURAXESS service centre hosted by COMUE Paris-Est Sup and dedicated to doctoral students and researchers in international mobility on the site. It offers support before arrival and during the scientific stay in France: finding accommodation, obtaining a visa, applying for a residence permit, health cover system, insurance, schooling for children, opening a bank account, taxes, family stay etc. acc & ss Paris-Est also organizes French courses, cultural evenings and outings.

Note: The Résidence Internationale de la Cité Descartes is reserved for researchers and doctoral students coming from abroad. It includes studios and F2 apartments furnished with Internet connection, is located 10 minutes’ walk from RER A and line 100 (connection with Créteil).

Information and registration:

The Paris-Est doctoral network association - REDOC

Rédoc Paris-Est - Doctoral Network of the Comue Paris-Est Sup is an association of doctoral students and doctors, multidisciplinary and transversal, which aims to bring together and offer services to all doctoral students and Paris-Est university doctors.


Other housing possibilities

See the 2020-2021 doctoral studies guide of Comue Paris-Est Sup