Company partnerships

Competition hubs & network


As an establishment of the Chamber of Trade and Industry of Paris Ile-de-France, ESIEE Paris places particular importance on industrial partnerships and services for companies.

These partners embody numerous formats in the field of research:

  • Research contracts in industrial partnership;
  • Supervision of Ph.D students within the framework of industrial agreements for education via research (conventions industrielles de formation par la recherche - CIFRE);
  • Opening of the ESIEE Paris microtechnologies centre to welcome industrial research teams to experiment with innovative concepts in the field of microsensors and microtechnologies;
  • Funding of platforms and heavy equipment for research.


The development with the companies of partner-based research is based on the federal structures in which ESIEE Paris is involved:

  • The competition industrial innovation hubs: ADVANCITY - SYSTEMATIC and CAP DIGITAL
  • The OpticsValley network