Platforms and equipment

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The work of the research laboratories is based on advanced equipment and technological platforms

Clean rooms - Prototyping plant for miniature sensors

ESIEE Paris has significant resources in micro technologies used in the context of educational activities, research and business support. These clean rooms are managed by the Microelectronics and Microsystems Service (SMM) and have over 30 years of experience in processes dedicated to microtechnologies and microsystems. The work carried out in these clean rooms mainly focuses on the production of prototypes of miniature sensors and other silicon-based micro-components. This sensor prototyping platform is also open to companies for support in the production of small series.

The functional micro components thus produced are used not only for very specialized applications such as oil prospecting, aeronautics, integrated optics but also in "general public" applications: telephony, automobile, medical, environment.

The Microelectronics and Microsystems Service (SMM) is responsible for:

  • The provision of technical means of clean rooms for initial and continuing training (Intra or Inter-Company internships) and for the research missions of teacher-researchers of the ESYCOM laboratory (UMR CNRS 9007)
  • Support for companies and public laboratories, for carrying out research projects or stages of technological processes, within the framework of industrial or public contracts or services
  • Welcoming and supporting companies interested in the field of MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems) and microfluidic labs on a chip (Lab On Chip), within the framework of partnerships
  • The development of international research partnerships

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A virtual reality room

An immersive virtual reality room has been set up at ESIEE Paris. The spectator / actor is immersed in a virtual scene projected in relief using polarized video projectors. Equipped with 3D sensors and data gloves, it can interact with the calculated scene in real time. This room was created to meet the needs of the Virtual Planning Scientific Interest Group which aims to bring together all the research activities consisting in using virtual reality to create environments leading to 3D representations concerning in particular the visual and sound aspects.


The embedded systems platform

The embedded systems platform is made up of two design platforms for real-time distributed systems. Different programming tools are accessible such as programmable digital cards, programming languages ... Measuring devices, modelling tools and software and rapid prototypes (Matlab, DSP 28335, ...), test bench for electric vehicles, production of models … Are also available.

Some examples of achievements: tool to help design real-time on-board software (MoDEST), optimal management of an electric vehicle, design of systems applied to home automation.


Microwave, optical and digital communications platform

The microwave, optical and digital communications platform is a set of platforms that can operate either autonomously or collaboratively. Each platform can meet a unique and very specific request. Under-peak tables, vector network analyser, semiconductor parametric tester, communicating sensors, arbitrary signal generators, etc… allow microwave measurements, digital radio communications, RFID, signal processing applications and wireless networks.

Some examples of realizations: micro-lenses by 3D etching of silicon, photonic crystals by DRIE etching, matrices of optical switches, vertical DBRs and tunable cavities, RF integrated circuits and opto-microwaves.


Platform for analyzing databases relating to innovation

This platform is at the heart of the dynamics of the creation of scientific and technical knowledge. Economics of innovation, strategic intelligence, from patents to analysis tools, it allows for the achievement of studies.

Some examples of collaborations: AREVA: Identification of key skills within Aréva, IFRIS: European project RISIS Research infrastructure for research and innovation policy studies "pooling of several platforms".