Embedded systems

Atelier - Pédagogie par projet

The programme trains engineers to have an overall view of the design, development and honing of an embedded system. These systems integrate processors into an ever increasing number of devices and everyday objects into highly advanced technological systems.

Compulsory courses:

The compulsory courses cover 4 main areas and ensure that students master multidisciplinary skills which are in high demand.

Scientific and technical courses (180 hours)

  • Programmable digital architecture: DSP, microcontrollers, System on Chip
  • Onboard real time software: real time, onboard communication networks
  • Signals and systems: signal processing, automatic
  • Analog electronics: Sensors and actuators, energy conversion, electromagnetic compatibility

Management (150 hours)

Modern language (80 hours)


  • Fault tolerant systems
  • Intelligent vehicles

Examples of courses available (495 hours)

In the specialization :

  • Estimating 3D trajectories
  • Fault detection
  • Reliability

Inter-specialization courses :

  • Systems on circuit (SOC)
  • Design of mobile applications (Design patterns for Android)
  • Human machine interface

In management

  • Entrepreneurship and business plans
  • Advanced finance
  • Carrers - business sectors

Carrers - business sectors

  • Examples of careers: Onboard systems architect, Real time onboard application development engineer, Distributed control/command systems designer
  • Examples of posts held by graduates : Research and development engineer/ applications engineer/after sales engineer
  • Business sectors: Automobile, Aeronautics, defence, medical instrumentation, Multimedia (camera and photography systems, printing, telephone systems), etc.
  • Examples of applications: Checking of vehicle engine, active suspension, drone piloting, design of applications for Android tablet, etc.