Computer science

Formation d'ingénieur informatique

This course trains engineers with a general vision of computer science. It leads to the acquisition of skills associated with the basis of computer science (language, algorithm, hardware architecure and distributed systems) allowing for adaptability to the renewal of technologies. It covers many areas of digital technologies such as web technology, virtual reality, high-performance computing, biosciences, software security, etc.

Compulsory courses

Scientific and technical courses (180 hours)

  • Algorithmics
  • Computer architecture
  • Distributed computing
  • Programming language theory

Management (150 hours)

Modern languages (80 hours)


  • Computer and software engineering
  • Computer engineering, images, 3D, and virtual reality
  • Computer engineering, algorithms and high-performance computing
  • Computer engineering and cybersecurity
  • Computer engineering, big data and high-performance computing

Examples of courses available (495 hours)

In the specialization

  • Introduction to image analysis
  • Virtualisation / data center / cloud computing
  • Software project management
  • Networking

Inter-specialization courses

  • Design of mobile applications
  • Big data
  • Security of information systems

In Management

  • Team management and leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and business plans
  • Advanced finance

Careers - business sectors

Examples of occupations

  • Software analyst/developer
  • IT project manager
  • Study and development engineer
  • Research engineer, consultant, etc.

Business sectors

  • IT services
  • Web
  • Banking & insurance
  • Video games
  • Aerospace industry
  • Defence
  • Software publishing

Examples of applications

  • Development of smartphone applications
  • 3D real time cartography
  • Management of stock exchange communications
  • Assessment of high-performance software
  • Development of security services