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About the programme ?

The M.Sc. MoTIS Mentorship Program is a successful, student-driven project launched in early 2012, which establishes partnerships between the students of ESIEE Paris' MoTIS program and working professionals. While mentees profit from valuable guidance, the mentors enjoy sharing their year-long experience with talented young individuals and helping them in their career development.

Applicants usually specialize in project management, software services, consultancy, marketing, engineering, finance and accounting - but the programme is not limited to these areas.  Matching mentees with mentors is based on a variety of criteria, including their fields of interest, career plans, personality and expectations.

After a kick-off event, mentors and mentees typically meet monthly and informally over a period of eight months. However, participants are encouraged to meet and communicate as often as they like and are available. To ensure a quality experience for mentees and mentors alike, other group events are organized throughout the duration of the program.

Benefits and advantages of mentoring

For the students this is an excellent opportunity to get advice and guidance on career planning and personal and professional development, as well as getting a direct insight into the professional world. It also provides the opportunity to build a network and relationships with experienced professionals. For the mentors it is a valuable opportunity to share their knowledge and to enhance their coaching and leadership skills. Together mentor and mentee have regular, informal meetings to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern; hence, the program is mutually beneficial.

Reviews and testimonials

"Getting advice from a mentor, who's now in a position where I see myself in the future, has been a great asset for me." - Oscar SANDBERG, mentee in 2012

"My mentor and I managed to create a great relationship where we could talk about anything. My mentor has broad international experience and is in general a very wise man and I have learned so much from simply talking to him. I am grateful that we will continue our relationship." - Ina FOSLI, mentee in 2012.