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ESIEE Paris and Dassault Systèmes create a Handimanagement course

Last September, ESIEE Paris launched a Handimanagement course in partnership with Companieros, sponsored by the Dassault Systèmes group.


    14 ESIEE Paris students volunteered to work with our partner Dassault Systèmes to learn about and change attitudes towards disability and equality in the workplace.

    The aim of this training course is to prepare the managers of tomorrow. It will enable them to become agents of change and to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in their future corporate missions

    An innovative concept

    With the support of a sponsor company, the course enables male and female students to collectively learn about gender equality and the professional integration of disabled people.

    • For the company, it means: 

      • Building quality relationships with schools 
      • Transmitting values
      • Meeting future managers
    • For students, it means: 

      • Giving meaning to their career plans
      • Learning to manage differences
      • Taking action on their own scale
      • Responding to a social challenge

    The Handimanagement label

    At the end of this 2-month course, comprising of 8 training modules, students will be able to obtain the Handimanager label, an honour currently sought after by companies. A plus on your CV! Companieros, an organisation that works for equality (gender, diversity, co-education, professional integration of disabled people, etc.) in business, awards this label.


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