Invest in educational equipment

Do you want to collaborate with ESIEE Paris on educational projects to bolster technological innovation? With your support, we can provide our students — your future employees — with the innovative equipment they need to learn, in accordance with your needs.

Open a Cybersecurity and pentest platform / Change the “Information Systems” programme to “Cybersecurity”


Cyber attaques

Jobs targeted: Security Architect — Pentest Expert — Security Developer — Analyst — Security Consultant — Post-Auditor — Criminal Lawyer specialising in Cybersecurity — SSI Expert, etc.

The digital revolution is under way! 

This revolution is reaching beyond the field of technology, affecting the daily lives of both individuals and professionals. As a result of this transformation, users are losing control over tools and systems. The processing of data and processes and the virtualisation of exchanges is increasing the need for cybersecurity and data surveillance. 

This is why ESIEE Paris changed our programme for the 2018 school year, and even offers introductory modules starting in the first year of the engineering degree. The “E-health” and “Networks and Security” (apprenticeship) programmes also offer course hours on cybersecurity.

The new “Cybersecurity of information systems” programme features four themes: Information Systems — Networks — Operating Systems — Software and Equipment. It is also in the process of obtaining the “SecNumedu” label from ANSSI.


A new laboratory for the “Networks and Security: Architecture and the Internet of Things” and “Embedded Systems: Transport and Smart Objects” apprenticeships programmes


Formation Systèmes embarqués

Jobs targeted: Network Engineer — System and Network Administrator — Network Architect Engineer — Security Engineer (ISSM) — Embedded Systems Engineer — Embedded Electronics Development Engineer — Software Development Engineer — Safety Operations Engineer, etc. 

These kinds of jobs are in high demand in many business sectors. There has been a steep increase in the number of students in these two programmes: 

  • “Networks and Security apprenticeship”
  • “Embedded Systems: Transport and Smart Objects”

Given the increase in the number of students, we want to maintain the quality of our teaching by improving our technical infrastructure with a new laboratory to offer students the best learning conditions.


Create an experimental “Industry 4.0” platform for the Industrial Engineering: Supply Chain and Digital Technology programme


Supply chain

Jobs targeted: Quality Engineer — Planner — Supply Chain Manager — Production Engineer — Maintenance Engineer — Supply Manager — Purchasing Manager — Continuous Improvement Manager — Lean Project Leader — Operations Manager, etc.

Innovations related to the Internet of Things and digital technologies (augmented reality, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, Big Data) require a reorganisation of production processes.

Since 2013, ESIEE Paris has offered a full-time “Industrial Engineering” programme. Since 2016, we have also offered an apprenticeship programme at the Noisy-le-Grand and Cergy sites with a “Supply Chain and Digital Technology” specialisation. 

To keep offering high-quality instruction, ESIEE Paris is planning to acquire a 4.0 conveyor belt that will give apprentices the opportunity to practice on high-tech equipment.

This new experimental platform will allow us to set up real industrial equipment identical to what many industrial companies use.

Objectives of the experimental platform: 

  • Assemble products with several variants
  • Supply workstations through an automated conveyor system
  • Monitor and identify flows using RFID tags and readers that are connected to each other through an adapted network
  • Use a robot that distributes and puts items away and can also recycle components to feed back into the beginning of the line (for the assembly station)