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Job survey of young engineering graduates 2022 (class of 2021)

  • The jobs available to ESIEE Paris graduates include the following:
    Research and development engineer | Advisor | Software Engineer | Production Engineer | Logistics | Quality | data scientists | Project manager | Analyst | Developer...
  • In various business sectors :
    IT activity and information service | Consulting or engineering company, design offices | Automotive, aeronautical, naval, rail industry | Scientific research development | Industry | Energy | Banks | Finance...
  • Average gross salary upon start of employment, France and abroad: €42 072
  • Level of professional insertion of graduates: 96%
  • 84% of students signed a contract even before they had completed their education
  • 95% of young graduates found their first job in less than 2 months

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Tristan FLEURY – Diplômé ESIEE Paris 2018


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