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One of ESIEE Paris’ values is to give science students from all backgrounds access to engineering studies. This is why ESIEE Paris created our work-based engineering programme in 2006.

Travaux pratiques - Apprentissage

We now offer 5 work-based programmes:


Why should your company recruit an engineering apprentice?

When you recruit an apprentice, you are training them in your culture, your environment, and teaching them your profession. You can then hire the apprenticeship at the end of their contract.

Recruiting an apprentice is: 

  • An effective pre-recruitment tool and a source of qualified personnel
  • A source of new energy: the apprentice brings their youth and passion for the profession they have chosen
  • A low-cost investment: apprentices don’t cost very much, subsidies are available, and the company can also benefit from some social security exemptions
  • An added value for the company: at the end of the apprenticeship, the young person has learned the company’s culture and will be immediately productive

👉 ESIEE Paris’ apprenticeship graduates have a 98% employment rate.
👉 98% of these graduates obtain a permanent contract (2021 Employment Survey Section).


ESIEE Paris assists our engineering apprentices and partner companies with the recruitment process.

ESIEE Paris’ Career Centre helps apprenticeship applicants obtain their contract.

We prepare engineering apprentices with workshops (drafting cover letters and CVs) and individual or group coaching to apply to positions posted on the school’s Job Board.

The engineering apprentices you meet during speed recruiting sessions are ready. Following these recruitment and support sessions, the Company Relations centre will organise meetings between companies and engineering apprentices to facilitate recruitment for our partner companies and help applicant find assignments. (Agenda)

These meetings ensure there are promising synergies between the skills needed and a professional job offer. It is optimised recruitment!

The Development Department, thanks to its close relationship with companies and understanding of their needs, builds connections between companies and future apprenticeships. It meets your needs and those of the apprentice.

Some legislative information and official sites to answer your questions

An apprenticeship contract, a work contract...

The apprenticeship contract is a special type of work contract that combines practical training in the company with largely theoretical instruction in a CFA (Training Centre for Apprentices). It culminates in a recognised professional qualification with a diploma or professional certificate registered in the National Register of Professional Certifications.

Experiments to increase the upper age limit (30 years) for apprenticeships are taking place in Île-de-France from 2017 until December 2019.

How much does an apprentice cost? What is an apprentice’s salary?

Does the company have access to financial assistance?

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