Develop a research chair

AKKA Technologies

Functional and disfunctional analysis, in functional safety and risk management

The AKKA group is one of ESIEE Paris’ major partners. The lessons of the Chair enable future engineers to acquire skills and knowledge in functional and dysfunctional analysis, operational safety and risk management. Students in the embedded systems field become aware of the vital and financial issues arising from a failure in a system. They identify and understand the possible sources of these failures and know how to put in place the appropriate prevention, detection and sanction measures. They integrate the need for operational safety, the importance of risk management and control, into the development and production process.

Blaise Pascal

Nanomaterials and microtechnologies. Fundamentals and applications to environment and health

The Blaise Pascal Chair offers courses and conferences given by Professor Tianhong CUI, world-renowned Professor of Mechanical Engineering to students at the Descartes City Campus on the theme: "Nanomaterials and microtechnologies. Fundamentals and applications to environment and health". These courses, taught in English, will be attended by students from ESIEE Paris and the Campus in Master 2 and in doctoral thesis.

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The basics of security audit

As part of the “Safety Audit: the Basics” teaching chair, Devoteam’s experts are involved in a module open to all engineering students at ESIEE Paris. Students in the fields of “IT”, “systems engineering” and “health, energy and environment” acquire knowledge in different types of audits, standards and the auditor’s posture. At the end of the course, students are able to carry out a basic intrusion test on a network or application; to evaluate in its entirety a “company” type perimeter and present its results in an audit report.


Embedded Systems Engineering : application to the automobile development cycle

This new chair with Expleo focuses on the engineering of embedded systems and is aimed at students in their last year of the Embedded Systems course at ESIEE Paris (full time). The means used were mutually selected to give students the utmost information on the concept of the project and the context in which they will be lead to evolve in the company : procedure, standards, jobs… Connecting the experts of Expleo with pedagogical and strategic thinking in the lessons will allow them to come close to the realities of the field. A result of this synergy will be a sharing of experiences between students, researchers, teachers and professionals.


Artificial intelligence and perspective analytics

The lessons of the IBM “AI and PERSPECTIVE ANALYTICS” chair offer students the opportunity to experience and industrial project, using and integrating a fairly exhaustive panorama of AI technologies, characteristics of what awaits the future data science engineer. Through this project, engineering students are practicing data collection and cleaning, geocoding, construction and evaluation of traffic and travel time predictive models, taking into account uncertainty, analyzing and reformulating needs with partners, developing optimization strategies using operational research tools, and finally, adapting to the business model envisaged. The focus is on prescriptive analysis, which is often a crucial element in the value chain of data science.

Positive Thinking Company

Agile Methods

Positive Thinking Company (ex-ADNEOM) supports ESIEE Paris through a chair in order to promote the management of the ‘Agile’ project for students. It will allow them to adapt themselves more easily to the latest practices used in the world of work, thanks to the teaching, organisation of conferences and project management carried out by experts from Positive Thinking Company. Partner of Atlassian, Positive Thinking Company equips ESIEE Paris with business tools such as ‘Jira’ so that students can discover how to use them. These working methods are in keeping with the innovative and adaptive practices of project management and production. Together we are producing an experimental approach in order to meet project needs, in a collaborative, practical and evolving way.


Attack and countermeasures, cybersecurity and hacking

The digital transition with the Cloud, IoT, mobility, Big Data, is profoundly transforming our society. In this context, the role of cybersecurity is increasing. Thales, as part of its “security” chair, teaches cybersecurity by addressing, among other things, attacks, security protocols, cryptography and security evaluation. Problems related to information system security are taught through practical application such as an attack on a database through a website (exploitation of SQL injections), attacks on software by stack overflow. Engineering students also develop minimalism software implementing cryptographic functions (OpenSSL, Crypto++, etc.) and analyze the means of protection against attacks.


Electromagnetic Compatibility

This program, devised between teacher-researchers of ESIEE Paris and Valeo experts, teaches 4th year students from the apprenticeship pathway about ‘Embedded Systems – Transport and intelligent objects’,  to take into account constraints linked to Electromagnetic Compatibility when designing products in the automobile industry. They acquire the basic principles of electric and magnetic coupling, grounding, interference, equivalent models of passive components, radiation and shielding.