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Salles blanches ESIEE

ESIEE Paris has five technological platforms. An expert team is dedicated to each one of them.


ESIEE Paris cleanrooms are specialized in sensors and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) prototyping, characterization and fabrication in small and medium-sized series, up to technology transfer for larger volume.

Some examples of industrial collaborations:

  • Schlumberger MEMS-TC (France): sensors for oil exploration
  • Si-Ware-Systems (Egypt): the smallest FTIR optical spectrometer
  • Fluidion (France): sensors to monitor water quality
  • Esterline (France): sensors for aviation

Virtual Reality Room

The Virtual Reality platform allows the development and validation of computer-generated images and virtuals environments.

It is based on a CAVE which  is an immersive place where projectors are directed to three of the walls of a room-sized cube.

Some examples of success:

Virtual journey into ESIEE clean rom building; 3D medical images; physical simulations; Interfacing with HMD devices (Occulus, HTC Vive)
(a retirer : and imagery processing by developing multi-user collaborative work applications and offering a centre for testing.)

ESYCOM Characterisation Platform
Digital Communications, RF, Microwaves and Optics/Photonics

This platform is a combination of characterisation benches in the same location, including RF and microwave on-probe and in package analog characterisation, Digital communications from Sensor networks to the 5G, microwave-photonics devices and microfluidic sensors characterization using optics and photonics.

Equipments include probe stations, vector network analysers, parametric semiconductor prober, connected sensors, arbitrary waveform generators, etc.

Embedded Systems Platform

Composed of two design platforms for distributed real time and control systems, various programming tools are available: embedded computers and development kits, programming languages…

Measuring devices, tools and softwares for modeling and rapid prototyping, test benches for electric vehicles, computer numerical control (CNC) machine and 3D printers for small mechanical prototyping… are also available.

Some examples of collaborations:

  • Akka Technologies: Optimal management of two energy sources (battery and super-capacitors) of an electric vehicle / optimal system and real time navigation.
  • Solar Decathlon: International student contest for training and research development in the field of sustainable architecture and solar energy.

Data and methods for studying research and innovation dynamics

This platform helps to conduct quantitative analysis on research and innovations dynamics, by providing expertise on 1/ data gathering (with an effort made to enrich well known patent databases and to develop statistical methods on patent analysis), 2/ analytical tools (e.g., econometrical models, network or spatial analysis…) and 3/ data visualisation (SIG, networks maps…).

International scientific collaborations:

  • RISIS: Research Infrastructure for reSearch and Innovation policy Studies
  • Knowmak: Knowledge in Making in the European Society