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Enseigner, enseigement

ESIEE Paris totals 100 full-time professors-researchers, over 600 part-time members of staff, highly-skilled and experienced in many industrial, academic and international fields.

Many have gained long experiences in large, renowned businesses, research laboratories or in other Paris CCI higher education establishments, such as HEC Business School or ESCP-EAP European School of Management.

Their teaching activities are greatly enhanced, firstly by their research work and by their close, longstanding links with international university laboratories, and, secondly by their contribution to numerous corporate research and development projects.

The ESIEE Paris Group's professional and corporate perspective confers them an interface role, blending academic pedagogy with veritable business reality and its associated stakes and issues.

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Jean-François Bercher, Dean of Faculty
Email : doyen@esiee.fr

Student verification

If you want to check a degree, credentials or diploma for past ESIEE students, please contact:
- christine.gourmelon@esiee.fr for ESIEE engineer
- leila.zadi@esiee.fr for MOTIS M.Sc.
- yves.blanchard@esiee.fr for F'SATI alumni