International students

Formalités administratives de rentrée

You must provide on arrival at ESIEE the following documents and/or information :

  • 1 full birth certificate with a certified translation by an official translator
  • Photocopy of passport and visa or resident’s card
  • Copy of your diploma


Tax to student and campus life (Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus)

Exchange students do not pay this fee.

All registered students (full time and apprentices) will be accountable for paying this tax.
It is due each year by students during their registration.

The amount of this tax is fixed for the year 2024/2025 at 103 €.
This amount could vary each year.

Those exempt from the payment are students receiving benefits for the academic year from a higher education loan and those benefitting from a state of refuge.

All students must provide a certificate for this tax, whether they must pay this tax or are exempt to register in the school

Teletransfer on WebAurion

This tax is to be paid to CROUS who will provide the certificate (exempt students must do the same but have nothing to pay).

You will have to pay this tax only when you get your visa.

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