About ESIEE Paris

ESIEE PARIS: renowned school of technological innovation

Founded in 1904, ESIEE Paris schools of higher education and research focused on all aspects of technological innovation and a founder member of the newly-created «Université Paris-Est».

ESIEE Paris is a member of the « Conférence des grandes écoles françaises ».

ESIEE Paris opens the door to a variety of professional careers in the fields of computer science, electronics, telecommunications and embedded systems and works at the interface of Management and Technology.

Research fields

  • Computer Sciences and Imagery
  • Real Time and Embedded Systems
  • Microsystems, Micro and Nano Technologies
  • Electronics and Communication system
  • Innovation and Change Management
  • Signal Processing

Placement (2014)

95% of graduates find jobs within 6 months of graduation (65% before graduation).

ESIEE Paris, a school of the CCIR
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Serving 400,000 businesses as well as students and apprentices in the Paris region (Paris itself plus the adjoining Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne departments), the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry is committed to: - generating services for businesses, - activating professional skills, - driving business for the Paris region, - providing a voice for the business community.


ESIEE Paris ranked in 7th position among French 5-year engineering schools by « L'Etudiant »

ESIEE Paris ranks among the second group of Engineering Schools with 14 other schools like ECL-Lyon, ENSEEIHT-Toulouse, ISEP-Paris, Supaéro ENSAE-Toulouse, SUPELEC Gif/Metz/Rennes (17th report of « Conseil national des ingénieurs et scientifiques de France » CNISF).