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Journée portes ouvertes
Illustration polo ESIEE Paris
In order to choose your school, you also have to meet it!

ESIEE Paris invites you to the next Open Door event which will be held on Saturday, 28th January.

ESIEE Paris at the Consumer Electronics Show - CES Las Vegas

ESIEE Paris attended the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES), the high technology and electronic products references grand public salon from 5th January to 8th January.

Launch of the ESIEE Connect consortium!

Partner Companies signed the “ESIEE Connect“ consortium at ESIEE Paris last November.

Students at ESIEE Paris create Engineering’Pact

Students at ESIEE Paris are creating the Engineering’Pact association to help with the humanitarian crisis where refugees are forced to flee their countries in the grip of war.

ESIEE Paris conquers space…

The system jointly developed with Bodycap and ESIEE Paris will join the International Space Station (ISS) in October 2016.

AKKA Technologies will aid the promotion of ESIEE Paris in 2017

Signing the partnership agreement between Mr DEL NOCE France at AKKA Technologies CEO and Mr. PERRIN, Director ESIEEPARIS.

ESIEE Paris signe trois nouveaux accords internationaux en Inde
ESIEE Paris signs three new international agreements in India

Dans le cadre de sa politique de développement à l’international, ESIEE Paris signe trois nouveaux accords d’échanges internationaux en Inde.

La Recherche à ESIEE Paris

Discover the main areas of research at ESIEE Paris, along with news on partnerships, publications, equipment and more...

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Les relations entreprises à ESIEE Paris

Find out all you need to know about apprenticeship tax, support from companies, students, partners and sponsors...

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