Women in Industry Award 2021 : the prize winner, a graduate of ESIEE Paris !

Isabelle Truong, an engineer with a remarkable career path, received the « Woman with a promising start » prize at the Women in Industry Award this Tuesday 28th September.

After graduating from ESIEE Paris in 2017, Isabelle Truong, now 27 years old is an Industrial Project Manager at General Electric. She has taken up an international career marked by round trips between France and China.

Jean Mairesse, General Director of ESIEE Paris, in the presence of Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Deputy Minister at the industry, had the pleasure of presenting the award to this talented engineer.

This award is annually given to a woman who during her first four years of professional experience, has undertaken exceptional responsibilities and whose journey has been noticed by her peers and the management of her company.

« The top management positions should be open to women and to diversity at every level » - Isabelle Truong

👉 Discover her portrait ! (in French)

For the 10th consecutive year, ESIEE Paris has been a partner of the Women in Industry Award, organized by l’Usine Nouvelle. The objective of this ceremony is to put the spotlight on exemplary female careers in all industrial sectors. This year, 32 figures have captured the attention of the selection committee. ESIEE Paris is also a partner of « Elles Bougent », an association designed to prompt vocations for women within scientific careers.

The prize winners of the 2021 Women in Industry Awards are