[Webinar] Urban water management: a challenge for the cities of tomorrow

As part of the "Cities of Tomorrow" web series, the research projects of two ESIEE Paris lecturers, related to water quality management in cities, will be presented on Thursday the 8th 0f April 2021, from 5 to 7 pm:

  • Pr. Tarik Bourouina (ESIEE Paris –Gustave Eiffel University)

In the context of the global water shortage, Prof. Bourouina will talk about the "Nano-4-Water" project and develop the potential that micro-nanotechnologies can play in ensuring high quality drinking water resources.

  • Dr. Martin Hendel (ESIEE Paris - Gustave Eiffel University)

Martin Hendel will present the "WISE Cities" research project, which focuses on the link between water-energy-soil (WES) as a core system to be considered for the development of cities. The applications of this WES triptych can be found in the fight against the urban heat island phenomenon.

The speakers also included two experts close to the school:

  • Dan ANGELESCU, former Professor at ESIEE Paris, Managing Director of FLUIDION (a small company from Ile-de-France that works with the ESIEE les salles blanches ESIEE Paris)
  • Professor Tianhong CUI, Visiting Professor at ESIEE Paris, from January 2018 to December 2019, holder of the Blaise Pascal Chair of the ENS Foundation

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This Franco-American webinar is organised by the Science and Technology Service of the French Embassy in the United States, with the support of the Gustave Eiffel University  in support with the I-SITE FUTURE.

These webinar series are an opportunity for actors from the academic world, government and industry in France and the United States to engage together to promote the development of safer and more secure cities through technological innovations.

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Open to all actors with an interest in urban water management or more generally, an interest in developing Franco-American collaborations to build the cities of tomorrow.