Getting students from different countries to work and interact with each other without travelling?
Virtual Exchange makes this possible!

ESIEE Paris has adopted this new method, which focuses on international discovery: 3 virtual mobility modules are available to first, second- and third-year students.

These international collaborative experiences carried out at a distance, via the new digital means of communication, are a good complement to physical mobility which has become complicated in the current health context.

Thus, students of several nationalities and from the school's partner universities come together to share their perspectives on a topic. This improves intercultural understanding and enables exchange of knowledge.

These modules are organised by Helen EVE, Coordinator of English & Internationalisation at Home, at ESIEE Paris. She has been working with various pioneers of Virtual Exchange in the European Union. Aurélie Delemarle, Director of the Management and Languages Department at ESIEE Paris, has also joined in with the co-creation of a module in Carbon Literacy which highlights the natural symbiosis between sustainability and environmental aspects, and Virtual Exchange and interculturality.

"This virtual exchange gives our students the opportunity to discuss important global issues with young people from several different countries. They hear different perspectives on these issues. This broadens their understanding and encourages them to think more critically. Our students connect empathetically with people from different cultural backgrounds. Strong bonds are formed during the course and many students continue their friendship on social networks, after the course." Helen EVE

Read the full interview with Helen EVE conducted by Sharing Perspectives Foundation.

Sharing Perspectives Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2012 and has been supported by ERASMUS+ funding to develop this initiative at European level.