Seminar LIGM - Stochastic geometry, topological and experimental

The next seminar of the A3SI team of the LIGM (mixed research unit of the University Paris Est) will take place on Wednesday, September 5 at 9:30 (ESIEE PARIS). The room will be specified later.

Stochastic geometry, topological and experimental

Herbert Edelsbrunner

IST Austria

Abstract: We study classical questions in stochastic geometry, such as the expected density of p-simplices in the Delaunay mosaic of a Poisson point process in d-dimensional Euclidean space.  Using a discrete Morse theory approach, we distinguish between critical and non-critical of the radius function and determine their expected densities dependent on a radius threshold.  We generalize the analytic results to weighted Delaunay mosaics and to order-k Delaunay mosaics, and we present experimental result for wrap complexes and for weighted Voronoi tessellations.