Sensors, health, energy and environment

Sustainable cities and well-being of the person

The research activity around the theme “Sensors for Health, Energy and Environment” is focused on the issues of sustainable cities and well-being of the person.

We address these themes by developing different kinds of innovative miniaturized sensors using MEMS technologies, which act as the primary interface between physical and digital worlds. In the looming "big data" era, such sensors will play a fundamental role for collecting vast amounts of data that are needed to properly measure and understand various environmental, physical and biological processes. Miniaturization enables not only batch fabrication at low cost, but also increased autonomy and novel functionality. It becomes then realistic to expect a massive deployment of sensors for a dense digital spatial and temporal domain, whether across a town, a neighborhood, a building, a transport vehicle or a person.

We equally concentrate on the related issue of novel devices and processes to improve energy efficiency in the context of developing sustainable cities: heat network, heat pumps, biogas, fuel cells, etc... Improving their performances requires development of innovative technology solutions, but also a deeper reflection on the integration and management of these various systems throughout a building or a neighborhood.

Sensors and microsystems for sustainable cities

Biomedical engineering

Micro-devices and nanostructured materials for energy harvesting

Energy systems for sustainable cities