Breakthrough innovations and knowledge markets

Dynamique de la production et absorption des connaissances
Dynamics of production and uptake of knowledge

Four teachers researchers of Esiee Paris (A. Delemarle, B. Kahane, A. Schoen, L. Villard) who develop their research within the LATTS research unit (UMR 8134) are engaged in the creation of the new mixed research unit LISIS (Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Science and Innovation in Society) alongside the ENPC, INRA, CNRS and the UPEM.

This research activity, is interested in the dynamics of production and uptake of knowledge in the field of disruptive technologies. This area of research has enabled Esiee Paris to be a central participant in several research projects.

Among the ongoing or upcoming projects : MDET (ANR), PrestEnce (ANR), Innox (ANR); VERA - Visons on ERA (FP7 European project) and finally the RISIS (FP7 European project) infrastructure project coordinated by IFRIS that has started early 2014.


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