Computer science, image, signal

Our research activities in the fields of computer science, image and signal processing, stem from theoretical advances to end-user applications. This research is mainly conducted in the Computer Science and Telecommunications Department, which counts 20 researchers/teachers and 20 PhD students. A major part of the staff is also associated to the Laboratoire d'Informatique Gaspard-Monge (LIGM), which is a joint research unit UPEM-ESIEE-ENPC-CNRS of Université Paris-Est.

The group has national and international visibility in several domains like discrete and computational geometry, optimisation, mathematical morphology, dedicated architectures, signal processing. Our main application domains are medical and biological image analysis, materials science, embedded computer vision systems.

We have strong academic collaborations with renowned institutions all over the world. We also have many industrial collaborations, with big companies like General Electric, Siemens or Sagem, as well as with high-tech startup companies. Recently, our joint work with Siemens research (Princeton) has been rewarded by three thesis prizes.


Architecture and parallelism for image processing and virtual reality

Discrete geometry, computational geometry

Mathematical morphology and image processing

Optimisation, modeling and machine learning

Signal processing