Toward dynamic making decision process in manufacturing systems

Amélioration de la réactivité et la flexibilité des systèmes manufacturiers
Reactivity and flexibility in manufacturing systems

New technologies as RFID can greatly help to improve performances as reactivity and flexibility in manufacturing systems. In particular, RFID is interesting because of its ability to synchronize the information flow with the material flow in order to improve the decision making process.

One of the main decision making problem deals with dynamic balancing line. The dynamic reconfiguration is needed to modify the assignment of operations to workstation in case of lateness on precedent operations.

Furthermore production plans could become more robust at the tactical and operational levels using such technologies. At the tactical level, the problem is to determine the production plan taking into consideration disturbances such as demand variation and capacity reduction due to machines failures while updating cost is minimized. The used approaches are based on mixed integer linear programming and neighborhood search.

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